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Gary’s introduction to the world of classical music came about when an Opera Tutor introduced himself on the golf course. A highly talented golfer keenly aware of the parallel challenges faced by classical musicians and sports people, Tim Evans Jones asked Gary to give a talk at the Royal College of Music on Performance Anxiety.

Following the presentation, a number of musicians began coming to see Gary on a private basis. Gary has now been working with the musicians for a number of years, lectured at Trinity College and developed a portfolio of clients comprising musicians and singers. Topics covered include:

  • Dealing with Stress
  • Confidence
  • Nerves
  • Handling Auditions
  • Bridging the gap between Practice and Performance
  • Managing expectations
  • Performance anxiety is a significant issue in the arena of classical music.

Gary works with opera singers, pianists, cellists, saxophonists as well as conductors performing on the international stage. He also gives annual presentations at the world-renowned Verbier Music Festival.

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