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  Gary Leboff is one of the UK’s leading corporate coaches. Working with organisations across the commercial sector at all levels of the corporate hierarchy, Gary’s clients include Unilever plc, The Fragrance Shop and the BBC. A recognised authority on change management and business leadership, Gary is one of the most inspirational and challenging coaches […]


Gary’s introduction to the world of classical music came about when an Opera Tutor introduced himself on the golf course. A highly talented golfer keenly aware of the parallel challenges faced by classical musicians and sports people, Tim Evans Jones asked Gary to give a talk at the Royal College of Music on Performance Anxiety. […]


  Gary works with children around the world between the ages of eight and 18. Areas of specialisation include: How to deal with stress/anxiety Building Self-Confidence Exam preparation Coping with nerves Overcoming laziness Interview preparation Anger issues Developing socialisation skills Bullying Dealing with negativity and Fear of Failure Perfectionism Shame Role modelling Self esteem Motivation […]


  Gary Leboff is the UK’s premier Performance Psychologist. His clients have included members of 17 international football squads, rugby stars and world-class endurance athletes. Gary has also worked with elite tennis players and cyclists, helped golfers around the globe fulfil their potential and inspired budding endurance athletes to victory in BBC 2’s groundbreaking series […]

The Yips – Cured

  The Yips are one of golf’s most pervasive issues, afflicting many sufferers for decades. Gary cures The Yips in a single two-hour session. Golfers have travelled from across the UK and Europe to see him – Gary’s techniques were extensively featured in Golf Monthly – putting the condition to rest once and for all. […]

Fear of Flying

  In March 1990, Gary survived a lift crash in New York. As a consequence, he developed concerns about travelling in confined spaces – including airplanes. When clients began approaching Gary with similar anxieties, he developed a comprehensive cure for Fear Of Flying. In three sessions, anxious flyers absorb a series of easy-to-remember strategies that entirely […]